Meet one of the most versatile workstations in the world…the zDesk

The zDesk patented system was created to meet the needs of today’s eco-savvy company. Made with recycled materials, zDesk green workstations deliver sustainable form and function. The versatile and flexible streamlined design utilizes natural light and open spaces creating a warm and welcoming environment for any size space.

Our zDesk line can fit any need, be it a small one desk private office, or an entire call center, zDesk can be configured for your needs. zDesk benching is configurable in many ways, be it our single sided z1 desks, our dual sided, fully powered z2 stations, or our cluster of 3 z3 pods.

Mix and match all 3 to make a unique, affordable, and eco-friendly office. Our z1 product is perfect for a modern private office, with available storage options including a low credenza, a mobile box file, or a wardrobe cabinet, all with matching clean white laminate. Pair zDesk with our HiLo height adjustable table bases to make a truly stunning office, with ergonomics in mind.