Office Furniture Leasing

Offering Leasing is a strategic sales advantage for your company

Businesses are increasingly turning to flexible long-term financing for capital expenditures without dipping into their working capital cash reserves. If you aren’t offering financing upfront to your client and someone else is, you are losing a potential competitive advantage. Plus, the entire payment is tax deductible for the customer and we offer flexible payment terms (3 years, 4 years, or 5 years) to match client cash flow.


  • Sell more office furniture
  • Speed up the sales process
  • Expand your potential customer base
  • Provide an easy payment solution
  • Eliminate client credit risk

BENEFITS OF WORKING through the Compel Lease program:

  • One-0stop financing solution
  • Salesperson’s time is freed up
  • One-page application
  • Competitive financing costs
  • 48-hour funding decision
  • Prefunding deposit money to you
  • Senior management level attention on every application
  • Clients eligible in the U.S. and Canada


Office Furniture Leasing backed by Superior Service

Compel Office Furniture is changing the way you buy office furniture. With our brand new office furniture leasing program, you can pay your way, and on your schedule.  At Compel, we set ourselves apart from the competition with superior design, selection, quality, and service. We are on the leading edge of furniture innovation, be it our products, customer service, or how you buy our products.

We are always striving to break new ground, and our leasing program is our latest and greatest idea to make your furniture buying process easy and convenient. With our new library of resources, picking the furniture to best fit your office has never been easier. Scroll through our collection of ideas we think will work best, or create your own.  With our dedicated customer service team, we can help you get the perfect furniture for your office. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and cost-effective office furniture solutions to meet any office furniture need.