Leasing FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Furniture Leasing Questions

How soon can we get our furniture once we get started?

The application will usually only take a day or two, depending on the credit scenario and current workload in the financing department. The furniture can usually be shipped within 48 hours of the order date. Delivery and installation is often scheduled within days.  The entire process could happen in as little as a week, depending on shipping distances and schedules. It’s best to plan on 2-3 weeks to complete everything.

What is the interest rate for this program?

Just as with a car or home loan, the interest rate will be dependent upon the credit score and amount financed.

Do we have to turn in the furniture like a car lease?

No, the furniture is yours once the lease program is complete.  The lease will include a $1 buyout for hire product at the end of the 36 months or whatever you have chosen for a payment term/timeline.

Are there any tax benefits in leasing vs buying our office furniture?

The lease-to-own program puts these costs into an expense category rather than an asset.  This will change the tax liabilities and free up cash flow.  Check your state and local regulations on the best way to leverage the savings opportunities.

The application requires a $95 fee.  Do we get that back if we enter into a lease agreement?

The application fee will be credited against the furniture purchase when the furniture is ordered.